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"by Sweden" welcomes you (and the press) from 18.06.2016 to 10.07.2016...

9 Juin 2016, 17:05pm

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"by Sweden" welcomes you (and the press) from 18.06.2016 to 10.07.2016...

~~ Change of Date and Location!

Due to the recent flooding in Paris, the date, name and location of the event have changed:

by Sweden welcomes you from

Press invitation,18.06.2016 to 10.07.2016,

Place de l'Europe

at the City Hall Square

(HĂŽtel de Ville)

Press invitation (change of date!):

Guided tour of the two Swedish pavilions and the exhibition in Augmented Reality on June 18

See more information about time and accreditation

For guided tours

between June 19 and July 10

Place de l’Europe

HĂŽtel de Ville

Paris by Sweden




It starts here, an idea and its execution, a collaboration and an inspiration -


A celebration of the harsh conditions that made us

. The encounter between different elements where sun turns into ice and the street becomes a gallery.

Sweden opens up to the world through the art of transformation and through its perpetual search for sustainable innovation.

Different stories will allow the City Hall Square to turn into an open window to Sweden.

Experience the iconic design of Volvo Cars and the coolness of the famous JukkasjÀrvi ICEHOTEL, which is kept cold by solar energy; walk through Malmö and the patchwork of its human landscape illustrated through the eyes of a street artist using Augmented Reality; slow down, immerse yourself and live a Swedish moment.

Save the date :

Malmö by Sweden

- a whole day with Live Painting,

Music and Cinema to explore the cultural diversity of Malmö.

30 June at the Agora of the City Hall Square.


by Sweden is a joint project between the Swedish Embassy in France, Visit Sweden, Business Sweden and the Swedish Institute.

In collaboration with:

Volvo Cars,

the City of Malmö,


Musik i Syd.

With the generous support of :

Nibe, Happy Finish and by Dahinden.

THE ICE Sun turns into ice ICEHOTEL JukkasjÀrvi, situated 200 kilometres north of the Arctic

Circle in Sweden

, invites the visitors, together with Volvo Cars and NIBE, to this site- specific installation for the Place de l’Europe.

Solar power will allow visitors to experience an ice exhibition in the Parisian summer.

The ice blocks, harvested from the Torne River in Sweden, which is one of the cleanest rivers in the world.

These exquisite blocks have been shaped to celebrate the origin and heritage of Volvo Cars.

The Swedish midnight sun never sets and provides more than enough energy to maintain the temperature of the ice.

As of this year, ICEHOTEL will stay open all year round using the same renewable and green energy as used at the Place de l’Europe in Paris. ICEHOTEL and Volvo Cars invite you into the coolness to discover an exhibition of natural ice and design.

Experience a moment of human centric design truly Made by Sweden.

A warm welcome to a cold place.




An exploration of the human identity in Augmented Reality The identity of Malmö, hometown of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, is inextricably linked to its cultural diversity, inhabited today by some 177 different nationalities.

This human multiplicity constitutes the contemporary countenance of Malmö.

Close to the continent and third biggest city of Sweden, located in the very south of the country, it is a city that stands out for its independent cultural scene and innovative entrepreneurial spirit This human diversity has inspired The EthniCity Project to collect and photograph the portraits of every present nationality in the city since 2013.

The Malmö-based street artist Limpo, originally from Salvador de Bahia, Brazil will interpret an eleven metre long fresco of 25 of these portraits.

Thanks to the generous support of Happy Finish, this original creation by ASA - a senno associates - for the Place de l’Europe, will transform the fresco into a virtual gallery.

by Sweden invites you to discover a virtual photographic exhibition in Augmented Reality through this street art fresco.

Dancing in the street!

Performances in front of the by Sweden pavilion

Street Star Limpo Fabio da Rocha Passos Pinheiro, better known as LIMPO, was trained at Salvador’s Modern Art Museum (MAM).

In 2013

Limpo was awarded Sweden’s national prize for culture.

Limpo continues to paint contracted and uncontracted graffiti works, produce studio art inspired by his street paintings, and run graffiti and art workshops for young artists, based out of his studio in Malmö, Sweden.

The EthniCity Project Photographer Jens Lennartsson has made it his mission to create a photographic patchwork of every country represented in Malmö.

Happy Finish Happy Finish is a global creative production studio and agency offering 360 cross platform post production services and world-class immersive content experiences for leading brands, advertising agencies and photographers.

ASA - a senno associates


A window towards Sweden

After the icy winter, the dark nights give place, beneath the midnight sun, to never ending summer days.

Time has come to enjoy the omnipresent nature, its vast landscapes and numerous lakes.

The interest Sweden shows for nature is the same it has to opening to the rest of the world. Accessibility and openness play an important part in creating a prosperous environment to the exchange of ideas and information, key elements to all types of creativity.

Transparency, freedom of speech, equality, diversity and democracy constitute the foundations of the Swedish society. Initiatives such as Curators of Sweden or The Swedish Number, aiming at giving a voice to the Swedish citizens to speak about Sweden, are good examples.

Indeed, Sweden was the first country in the world to give its official Twitter account @Sweden to a different Swedish citizen every week, with full freedom of expression.

A phone number to Sweden was also created, set up by the Tourist Association «Svenska Turistföreningen», enabling anyone to chat freely with a Swedish person.

After the icy experience of the ICEHOTEL, immerse yourself in the Swedish way of life at this reconstructed wooden bathing dock inside the pavilion by Sweden.

"by Sweden" welcomes you (and the press) from 18.06.2016 to 10.07.2016...
"by Sweden" welcomes you (and the press) from 18.06.2016 to 10.07.2016...
"by Sweden" welcomes you (and the press) from 18.06.2016 to 10.07.2016...
"by Sweden" welcomes you (and the press) from 18.06.2016 to 10.07.2016...

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